Listed below is some of the feedback from satisfied homeowners who have installed EQUALIZ-AIR in their homes:

"Since EQUALIZ-AIR was installed we have noticed a definite improvement in the comfort level…an almost total elimination of drafts. You can bet we're warmer now than before the system was installed."

"We have not only noticed a decrease in our gas bill, but several other benefits too: The aluminum storm windows did not collect ice or sweat! The wood around the windows did not get wet! Much less leakage or drafts when the doors were opened! In fact the doors became much easier to open and close!"

"Prior to installing EQUALIZ-AIR every time I would try to light the fireplace. Smoke would come into the family room. My wife would complain and open the windows; now all the smoke goes up the chimney. Although less dramatic the dryer vent has stopped flapping when the wind blows and there is a reduced temperature variance on the second floor."

"Since installing EQUALIZ-AIR we have experienced fewer drafts and there is a higher degree of comfort in our family room then ever before"

"We have installed our EQUALIZ-AIR and noticed that the air was so much fresher in the house, right away. The furnace seems to run less too. I'll let you know the long-term benefits in a little while. Thanks for the personal service, that was so nice!"

"In August I installed the EQUALIZ-AIR in a basement window in my home. I have lived in the residence for several years and we have experienced two winters. My gas bills have averaged $105/month. The year after I installed EQUALIZ-AIR, the average dropped to $95/month, a savings of $120.00!"

"Additionally, with EQUALIZ-AIR we were able to use a poorly insulated den, which extends out from the main structure. The previous winters, we were forced to close this room because of drafts and sheer coldness. This year with EQUALIZ-AIR in place, the room was draft-free and comfortable. Winter drafts were eliminated throughout the house after we installed EQUALIZ-AIR."

"EQUALIZ-AIR has made quite a difference. The cobwebs by the basement windows are not re-forming. The home seems fresher inside, if you know what I mean. Probably because we are getting more outside air when the furnace goes on. On the warmer days we've had recently, I have had just the furnace blower motor on to keep the air moving in the house.
Yes, there is air coming in the second hose. And, yes the house is warmer, no drafts, etc. It is everything you said, and everything the literature said, and more. The unit really does make a difference. Another thing is that mom does not nap as much any more. We were talking about how there was something in the house that was making us sleepy. Sounds strange, but since the unit was installed, we've not been sleepy, or napping.
I really do believe in it, and will promote it every chance I get."

Thursday, April 24, 2003
Ask The Handyman Haege / Special to The Detroit News
"Dear Glenn: My house is 2 years old, and I have condensation on the windows during the winter. I have a 90-percent plus forced air furnace, and the intake is drawn from the outside. I also have a Skuttle Model 216 Air Makeup installed. It does not seem to open very much when the furnace is running. My heating contractor came out and does not think the house is breathing properly. What's wrong? -- Steve, Canton Township"
"Dear Steve: Hopefully the problem is over for the year. It seems like your house is too tight, and the Skuttle is not opening often enough to solve the problem. The usual solution is to change the weight adjustment on the Skuttle so that it stays open continuously during the winter months. Installing an EQUALIZ-AIR unit, (734) 462-1033, would also help because it is more sensitive."

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