The Air In Your Home Could Be

"The American home is more of a toxic waste dump than any area around a chemical plant. The levels of pollutants and toxic fumes in our homes are three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air;" according to the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.)


_____Let's discuss why air moves: A temperature difference or a pressure difference. Installing new windows or doors may not stop drafts - they will only change the location of where outside air enters your home.

Without EQUALIZ-AIR air enters your home where IT wants With EQUALIZ-AIR air enters your home where YOU want

_____ Your home's air leaves up the furnace and hot water chimney, out the bathroom or kitchen fan, out the dryer vent, and through holes in the ceiling. The only way to stop drafts is to stop inside air from leaving or to open a window in your home. This will redirect where the air is entering your home. This explanation may be something new but it is the only reason air enters your home. To prove this explanation: does your house have drafts in the summer when the windows are open? Another example is your car. What happens to the gasoline in your tank after you drive the car for several days? In the winter, when you close the doors and windows in your home, there are only so many cubic feet of air in the house. As you drive your car, the gas in the tank is being consumed, In your home, whenever the gas furnace, hot water tank, dryer, or kitchen fan is operating, the air inside your home is being sent outside. You go to the gas station to replace the gas; however, how are you replacing the air in your home?

Different systems mean different pressures.

By following the information provided, you too, can join the      other informed homeowners who are improving the air quality and quantity within their home by installing EQUALIZ-AIR.

We at EQUALIZ-AIR say two very important truths of homes: "HOUSES DON'T MAKE AIR" and "WATER ALWAYS WINS-- that is why there is a Grand Canyon!" So if you control the air in your home and the water around your home, your house will be healthier and more energy efficient.



If inside is air is going out,

then outside air is coming in.