Contact Information

Visit the EQUALIZ-AIR homepage
If you want to E-Mail EQUALIZ-AIR, our address is
If you want to write to us, write to P.O. Box 510884, Livonia, MI, 48151.
If you want to call us, our phone number is (734) 462-1033.

If you would like to order an EQUALIZ-AIR:

     EQUALIZ-AIR outside unit assembly $45.00;
     plus $7.00 shipping for $52.00 total
     Note the (4") ducting/hose and mounting collar are not included.

     Please e-mail your contact information (including mailing address) to
     We will mail one to you for your review
     If you determine you can use EQUALIZ-AIR in your home, send back a check for $52.00 (made out to Xavier, inc.)
     If you are unable to use EQUALIZ-AIR, simply mail it back. Thank you.

EQUALIZ-AIR installation instructions are now available to download in adobe pdf format.
Instructions.pdf (635kb)
A much smaller, microsoft word format, text-only, file is also available.
Instructions.doc (30kb)

Front View of EQUALIZ-AIR
Front view of EQUALIZ-AIR
Overall Size: 6" x 12"

Opening: 5" x 9"
Rear View of EQUALIZ-AIR
Rear view of EQUALIZ-AIR

Ask your HVAC wholesaler or local hardware store for availability; or contact us to order directly

We recommend that EQUALIZ-AIR be installed in an outside wall or a basement window within 8 feet of the furnace.
EQUALIZ-AIR (or any other outside air intake vent) CANNOT be installed within 10 feet of any exhaust vent!